Critical Citizens

We are a good people.

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We are the ordinary American people.  We are a good people - hurt and flawed - but good at heart, and wishing no malice to our neighbor countries.

Though we are a good people we have great challenges, and unique ones at that.  As individuals, we only want what other ordinary citizens of the world want for themselves and their families.  We really aren't that different.  We love for our children and want the best for them.  We ready ourselves for work in the morning and come home tired.  We need love and seek a warm embrace.  And we have our difficult people who give us our headaches.

We pride ourselves as being a generous people so we help out where we can.  And we would like everyone else to have their best chance at this long walk we call "life".

How would it be if we could bypass the strange, invisible walls that are built up around us?  How would it be if the leaderships of our respective countries sought peace and coexistence, instead of posturing and war?  To whom can we take these questions? 

These questions are for us.

Is there hope for peace in the United States and in the world?  I believe there is.  It when the ordinary citizens of their respective countries assert the political control that they are entitled to.


 Charles Chaplin, October 1940

Sovereign nations are wonderful.  They are self-contained communities of people who share languages and cultures.  Their citizens and residents understand each other and there is a comfort with being among people you know and understand.   Like a school of fish or a group of birds in flight, the familiarity brings with it a natural, unspoken synergy.

And on a higher level, there are other people, other communities around the world who experience the same joy, love and challenges and growth that is a part of life.  Separate, with dignity, and working towards our humble human goals.  What keeps us from this?


A mutual understanding of the challenge brings respect and even a sense of fellowship.  It is a part of being human.

 What we need is a new world understanding - not a new world order.

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