Critical Citizens

The Prosecution and Persecution of Whistle-blowers

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"Rather than address it's own corruption, ineptitude and illegality, the government made us targets of Federal criminal leak investigations, part of a vicious - I repeat - vicious campaign against whistle-blowers that started under Bush and has now come to full fruition under Obama." -- Thomas Drake [wikipedia] [video]

When a person feels morally compelled to reveal to the public information on malfeasance or fraud, it requires a great amount of soul searching on the part of that person.  They are very aware of the risk they would be taking.  They have to have faith that, when the truth is made known, their fellow American citizens will come to their protection and keep the whistle-blower from harm while their findings are investigated.

The alternative is to allow for an environment of fear where corrupt relationships and networks quietly form without fear of being exposed.  They would work to take advantage of weaknesses and openings in our fragile democracy.  A knowledgeable insider - the prospective whistle-blower - has a choice: either at "peace" and accept the corrupt rewards of their silence or take a moral stand for what is right and face the possibility that they will be challenged and destroyed.  Ultimately, the question boils down to: "is it worth it"?

What would you do?

It is a demonstration of faith by the whistle-blower that other ordinary citizens and good government leaders will protect them.  It is a demonstration of faith that our democracy still has it's guardians.  Silence does not bring peace for long.  The silence gives time for the actors to consolidate their efforts and place the force of strength to secure the silence that was previously given freely.

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