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Massive Systemic Fraud: Banks and Illegal Foreclosures on American Citizens

Our damaged title system will be the legacy of the bankers' milking of the American people's trust

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Good people continue to fight the battle against foreclosure fraud against the American people.  Where are the news media reports and congressional investigations?

Normally when property is purchased, very good records are kept on exactly how much money is owed and to whom it should be paid.  Obvious, there are large amounts of money involved.  Neither the bank nor the home owner would want any confusion on the amounts owed or the property title.

That was before.  Today, home owners still want to know that the ownership of their homes is free of confusion, but over the last ten years the bankers made profits more important than keeping accurate records.  What we have now is a crisis.

Changes in the law resulted in a huge competitive drive to push out loans.  These loans were bundled and passed like hot potatoes from bank to bank.  William Black, a former investigator for the Savings and Loan crisis a decade earlier, called the bundle "toxic waste".

The Problem: Fraudulent Foreclosure Paperwork

Eventually, when the loans in those bundles started failing, the loan paperwork was found to be missing.  The bankers failed to figure out how to keep the information together!  They hired companies to reconstruct the paperwork, something that would be difficult or impossible.  What they got back was paperwork that "looked" sound but was itself fraudulent.

There are many examples of the famous woman named "Linda Green".  Her signature appears on countless numbers of documents and her title has her working with many different companies at the same time.  And, her signature looks completely different, depending on the stack of paperwork. 

There are video taped statements where companies had allowed their secretaries and other staff to sign attorney's names even though they knew the attorney hadn't read the documents.

Video taped interview show in shocking detail how woman processed the documents.

The bankers took the paperwork to the courts to evicted homeowners.  What resulted was home owners being evicted from paid homes.  One courageous woman, who was also under eviction pressure from her bank, blew the whistle as can be seen in this video.

As bad as it is for Americans to be unjustly evicted from their homes, it is not the worst of it.  America's sacred property title system has been badly damaged.

If you bought your property in the last ten year, you many not have a clean title to it.  In fact, you may not be paying the right person for it.  Some home owners have stopped payment and demanded detailed paperwork showing that the company is entitled to the payments.


Woman award $18 million dollars as a whistle-blower to massive foreclosure fraud.



  • Bankers put profits over our sacred property title system
  • No corporate director has been jailed
  • Paperwork has been fabricated to throw people out

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